Excitement is building for the announcement of this year'sMichelin starredrestaurants.

The list of fine dining eateries in Great Britain and Ireland awarded the esteemed title for 2019 will be revealed at a live event on October 1.

Currentlythere are three restaurants in Surreywith a Michelin star.

These are The Tudor Room at Great Fosters inEgham,The Latymer at Pennyhill Park inBagshotand The Clock House inRipley.

This yearthere are high hopes for chef Steve Drakeand his new restaurant Sorrel in Dorking.

Having opened less that a year ago,Sorrel has experienced success from the start and wasrecognised in The Good Food GuidebyWaitroseand Partners,announced just last week.

If you fancy something a bit more sophisticated...

When will the stars be announced?

October 1 2018.

What are Michelin stars?

  • Michelin stars are an official hallmark of fine dining quality,with a ratings system from one to three.
  • They are announced once a year following a rigorous review assement.
  • Just because a restaurant received a star one year,doesn't necessarily mean they will retain it the next.
  • Although the Michelin star is awarded to a restaurant the credit for it goes to the chef in charge of the kitchen.
  • Michelin reviewers (commonly called inspectors) are completely anonymous.They do not identify themselves and their meals and expenses are paid for by the company founded by the Michelin brothers,never by a restaurant being reviewed.