Dastaan sits on Epsom's Kingston Road at the side of the A240. It opened in late 2016, not long after which it shot to the top of Epsom's best restaurants according to TripAdvisor.

With such rave reviews on the food review website,Epsom'scommunity reporter Alec Evans popped in for dinner to see if it lived up to the hype.

达斯坦(Dastaan​​)是一家北部印度餐厅,在其主菜旁边提供街头食品和烤肉串。它的名字翻译成“故事”,以帮助强调创始人Sanjay Gour和Nand Kishor进入餐厅的辛勤工作和爱。



Contemplating a butter chicken masala or lamb rogan josh at first, I decided I could trust the judgment of a restaurant like this for branching out into dishes I'd never tried before.

My starter was a vegetarian dish called the DahiPuri, a type of Indian street food. The dish featured six wheat puff spheres topped with sweetened yoghurt and tamarind chutney sauce, as well as thinly grated sev, the crunchy noodle snack best known for its presence in Bombay mix.


结合甜,酸和辣的菜肴有时无法决定他们想成为哪种菜肴,但是没有这样的问题 - 多种口味和质地互相补充,很难相信它们是不同的品种全部。

我的主要是Kheema Matar,这是一道羊肉,豌豆,洋葱和番茄masala。在几乎是酱汁的范围内,这款碎肉是最好的方法 - 您很难在菜肴中的任何地方找到一块肉。

As for the spice levels, this dish was a masterclass in how spice can flavour and enhance a dish in a mild way that doesn't make you want to reach for a glass of water. On further inspection, this was thanks to a range of flavourings, from chili spice to cinnamon sticks.

Dastaan​​厨师和Sanjay Gour运营总监

I went for something with which I was more familiar for a side, a Peshwari naan, which was soft with elements of crispiness, its coconut filling running throughout the entire bread.

At just over £20 for a starter, main and side, it had the quality you would expect of London's best Indian restaurants at just some of the price.

之后,他在对厨师桑杰·古尔(Sanjay Gour)讲话时说,他进入了一个繁忙的时期,这家餐厅在前一天晚上,星期二被预订了。

商业, he explained, is typically slower in June as people diet to get into good shape for holidays but things had picked up in July.