A young mum has shared the symptoms her baby showed before being rushed to hospital with Covid-19, saying she had no idea the signs were an indication of coronavirus.


Mum Myer Rudelhoff said Georhe was vomiting, had patchy skin, swelling lips and a high temperature and was struggling to keep fluids down.

She toldBBC: "I thought it was a sickness bug. I had no idea it was caused by coronavirus."

在他开始在第二天晚上开始呕吐之前,迈尔首先发现小乔治的温度为39.4,他在1月2日召唤NHS 111,他在第二天晚上呕吐。

The call operator advised the baby be taken to hospital but Myer was initially reluctant, worrying he may catch Covid having "no idea he had it" already.

"He got so poorly so quickly when we arrived and was really lethargic," she said.

"They took a swab and, when they said he was positive, I burst into tears. It was such a shock."

Myer said nurses told her they had treated multiple children with the same mottled skin and sickness before encouraging her to share her story to warn other parents.

Her subsequentFacebook post在三天内分享了近7000次。

Dr Kilali Ominu-Evbota, paediatric consultant at Mid and South Essex NHS Foundation Trust, told the BBC George's family "did the right thing" and urged other parents to seek medical advice via 111 or their GP.