McDonald's Bacon roll has been voted the best butty on the high street beating six of its popular rivals.

Checkatrade,the UK's trusted ratings site which holds reviews of 30,000 tradespeople,organised a blind taste-test to find the best bacon butty on the market.

A panel of expert tradespeople,including decorators,电工和水管工,从外观上看,麦当劳的排名最高,十分之九的人名列榜首,口味和价格。

The test,六个大街上的培根卷互相对峙,saw McDonald's new roll beat competition from the likes of Greggs and Costa Coffee.


邓肯·克鲁顿,Food Development Director at McDonald's UK&I, said: "The bacon roll is the breakfast of choice for millions and I am delighted to launch our new and improved version to customers across the UK and Ireland.

"The Checkatrade feedback speaks for itself,不管你是番茄酱还是红酱,I hope our customers agree that this Bacon Roll is a great addition to our breakfast menu."

Mike Fairman,CEO of Checkatrade,said: "Our trades have to go through a rigorous process to be listed on our site,making them trustworthy,reliable and recommended judges of character.

"We knew when McDonald's asked us to be part of this test,that our tradespeople would be the perfect people to give the seal of approval.

"The panel had the long but enviable task of putting each roll through its paces with the McDonald's Bacon roll getting a big thumbs up from our tradesmen and women".

Andrea Giammaria of RTEQ Ltd,在面包卷上评论道:“我真的很惊讶看到麦当劳的培根卷在上面。我通常去当地的咖啡馆,但在测试中,我更喜欢麦当劳面包卷的味道和质地——面包也很软,这就是为什么当天的得分如此之高——我知道从现在起早上我要去哪里!”.

The McDonald's Bacon Roll has been overhauled with a new and improved recipe,现将三片培根放在一个酸面包上,配上您选择的褐色酱汁或番茄酱。

The revamped McDonald's Bacon Roll is priced £2.79 and available at all McDonald's UK restaurants,McDelivery和Drive Thrus从6月26日开始。