The new highly contagious coronavirus variant has pushed policing in Surrey to a critical point.

Surrey Police is feeling the pressure more than ever and the chief constable is pleading with people to stay at home, as the infection rate in Surrey rose by nearly half in just seven days.

County council data shows the number of cases per 100,000 population up to January 1 was 738.1, while the previous week it was 504.1, a 46 per cent rise.

“Please, please, please, do stay at home,"said CC Gavin Stephens.“是的,保护NHS,也可以保护其他公共服务从这种新的病毒中的病毒,所以我们都能拯救生命;可悲的是,我们已经失去了太多了。”


"It feels like it did back in March in terms of the impact on public services, but there’s an additional challenge."

"We used to think that one in ten was a high number," added CC Stephens. "It is much more serious than the situation we were facing in October and November.


CC Stephens解释了Perspex屏幕等措施,社会疏远和手动卫生在过去为他们工作了很好,但补充说:“我们现在看到的是,病毒的新变种是如此可传播的,即使这些措施也不足以保护警务劳动力。”

More officers are off work - either infected, or self-isolating because a family member is infected, or with a caring responsibility. One of the three custody centres had to close for a few days during December due to infection rates.



"We’re resilient and we can cope with lots of changes but sometimes there’s just one change too much. I’ve certainly felt close to tears at times and other colleagues have too," said CC Stephens.

"I don’t mind saying from a personal perspective, over Christmas and New Year, I was absolutely exhausted.I felt like I’d done two years worth of work in one."




武力的政策是作为最后的度假胜地参与,解释,鼓励和执行。但CC Stephens感觉不再需要解释,因为现在的规则很清楚 - 留在家里。


They include two £10,000 tickets, for a 60-strong house party in Cobham on December 20, and a gathering of more than 30 at a Kingswood address on January 2.

警方是否有更多的权力来处理Covid规则破坏者?Share your thoughts in the comments below.

"Fines start at £200. "Really it shouldn’t be the financial deterrent that puts people off," said CC Stephens.