Drivers waiting outside a primary school in WestMolesey学生们走近他们,让他们关掉引擎。

4年级和6年级学生赫斯特公园小学took a diplomatic approach to educating adults about pollution outside their school by smiling and waving to get their attention on Tuesday afternoon (June 18).

They then approached every car and spoke to the drivers about the health and environmental impacts of leaving engines idling.



"When you idle it's affecting your lungs,brain and heart," said nine-year-old Emily Knight.

卢卡·法里纳,还有九个,said children who live in polluted areas grow up to have 10 times less lung capacity.

萨哈·桑萨里,九,added: "We went around smiling and waving at people to get their attention.然后我们问他们是否知道空转。我们给了他们一张保险杠贴纸和一张传单,让他们了解更多信息。”

Deputy head Lee Beresford said Year 4 pupils measured pollution levels around the school and found the area directly outside the school in Hurst Road,还有弗里曼大道的下车区,“刚好低于法定限额”。

He said those levels could be kept down by making sure "when parents do come by car [they do] not sit there idling".



Surrey County Council launched the Schools Air Quality Programme in October 2018 to reduce air pollution near targeted primary and secondary schools.

Amy Cherry,当孩子们接近她时,她正等着接孩子,said: "We did actually learn quite a bit from that.我真的很惊讶,发动机启动会影响儿童的呼吸和一般人。”



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