Two passers-by who intervened in a rape in皮革头have been praised after a"危险的捕食者”周二(12月11日)被判入狱6年。


Two members of the public saw the incident and challenged Stancombe,27,who ran away from the area,根据Surrey Police.



在吉尔福德受审后亚博娱乐客户端下载亚博娱乐刑事法庭,a jury found Stancombe,of Randalls Crescent,强奸罪12月11日,他被判入狱6年。

高级调查官探员安迪·索尔特说:This incident has left the victim incredibly traumatised and had a huge impact on her life.



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“It is truly humbling that despite what is often said about the state of our society,there are many people who are willing to do the right thing in challenging circumstances.

“As far as the investigation goes,这是一个团队的努力,响应人员在识别Stancombe方面发挥了作用,快速的法医结果让我们逮捕了他,and the dedication by many officers in the Sexual Offences Investigation Team,包括调查官Siohban Parker警长。”“

The two members of the public will be given a Sherrif's Award and awarded £350 for their intervention.


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