A councillor has raised concerns about his borough owning a petrol station saying he is uncomfortable about contributing to the climate change emergency.

克莱尔·詹姆斯·斯蒂尔说他感到“不安”亚博娱乐亚博娱乐客户端下载Guildford Borough Council拥有贝尔菲尔德的车库。


The council also has two shopping centres,两个谷仓和一个剧院,作为其1.61亿英镑投资性房地产基金的一部分,每年产生超过920万英镑的租金收入。


The nightlcub is the Armour Buildings in Bridge Street,亚博娱乐亚博娱乐客户端下载吉尔福德,let to Stonegate Pub Company until 2030.它于2016年以290万英镑的价格被收购。

但在周二的GBC执行会议上,June 18 cllr Steel,自由民主党和休闲领袖成员,对自治区拥有一个加油站表示关注。

He said: "I feel a bit uneasy about us owning one as it contributes to the climate change emergency that is happening at the moment."

The council's lead member for finance and asset management,克莱尔·乔斯·比格莫尔,上述成员可以确定安理会未来的投资方式。


亚博娱乐亚博娱乐客户端下载Guildford Borough Council owns a property fund worth £161m



"I think to be fair to the petrol companies most of them are investing quite a lot into electric infrastructure."

He said there had to be value for the council to switch their purchases to more "ethically sound" investments