While nightclubs have come and gone over many decades, the experience of a night out full of boogying to the classics of that particular era is one that stays with us.


The sticky floors, drunken antics and hazy memories of standing around the kebab van were, and remain, essential ingredients of a joyous night out.

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Previously, we asked萨里Livereaders for the name of your debut nightclub in the county - a name which (despite perhaps being too drunk to remember the details) will never be forgotten by those concerned.

While perhaps the most frequent response on ourFacebook postwas the legendary Cinderella’s in亚博娱乐,,,,we’ve excluded it from our list as it最近重新开放with its original name returning following many years in exile - despite undergoing a revamp.

不幸的其他提及不列出这份名单的是Annabella在吉尔福德的Annabella和亚博娱乐亚博娱乐客户端下载锅’sCentre Halls andthe Atalanta

What was the first nightclub you visited in萨里?让我们知道在评论中!

Ragamuffins, Camberley

很难相信,萨里郡居民en without this particular nightclub for over 25 years. The vast amount of memories associated with Ragamuffins is evidenced by certain clubbers during its heyday having organised reunions over the years to take a trip back in time to their clubbing days.

There’s also aFacebook小组称为“ ragamuffins夜总会,坎伯利!What a blast from the past....” which has over 2,200 members, illustrating its popularity even to this day. Ragamuffins was a social hub for around 20 years and attracted clubbers from all over west Surrey.

Keith Connors,前DJ在Camberley的Ragamuffins夜总会,在俱乐部关闭以来,他组织​​了20年的聚会。
Keith Connors,前DJ在Camberley的Ragamuffins夜总会,在俱乐部关闭以来,他组织​​了20年的聚会。

在80年代,顾客将与男孩乔治(Boy George)一起跳舞经典的热门歌曲Madonnaand Duran Duran, who were all battling for chart success at the time. The club even reached the finals in the UK Discotheque of the Year competition.



萨里夜总会行业最近关闭的是2011年,当时Liquid Envy最后一次关闭了大门。


Arguably, it turned into somewhat of a guilty pleasure amongRedhilllocals. Robbie Grant, fromyabo.net,,,,以前与萨里直播交谈关于他从附近的烤肉面包车上租用衣服的个人记忆:

The cinema facade was locally listed
The cinema facade was locally listed

"We used to drink in the pub opposite and then when we decided to go over the road but didn't have a collared shirt, we used to go to the kebab van in the car park.


Another former visitor, Matthew Cook, from East Grinstead, attended opening night in 1975 and recalled: "It all seemed like a massive disappointment at first. They let us in with a free glass of Champagne as we all went into the club, and I sat down and thought 'wow this is small'.

"Then at 10pm there was a bang, the walls revolved open and then we could see down the club stairs to the dance floor and the DJ booth. There were now two bars either side of the dance floor and one at the top."


Bojangles, Guildford


吉尔福德(Guildford)自己的Bojangles是读者的受欢迎提名。亚博娱乐亚博娱乐客户端下载在Bo's的一个夜晚将开始等待排队,当俱乐部者等待进入两层楼的Woodbridge Road Club时,这些排队用来蛇出门。

Once you finally plunged yourself into the darkness within, following a lengthy ID check by the burly bouncers, a night of boogying would await you. Crazy coloured carpet and two floors to explore, a night at Bo's, which was also previously a cinema, was certainly memorable, hence sticking in the mind of many readers.

However, the once attractive building was demolished in 2014, as the town said farewell to this particular part of its heritage.


在Chertsey Lock内,Barry在左边,右边的Johnny Jones
在Chertsey Lock内,Barry在左边,右边的Johnny Jones

One of Surrey’s largest clubs在80年代could be found in the form of切尔西锁。这是一个很棒的夜晚,与艾琳(Eileen)和勒怪胎(Le Freak)上的“来”之类的人跳舞。

DJ保罗。林尼参与俱乐部总经理during this popular era while Johnny Jones was another familiar face to regulars - he also used to work at Pantiles on Thursdays and Sundays. Following a period as The Riverclub in the ‘90s, the building was pulled down and rebuilt as the Kingfisher pub.


Another club with a deservedly high reputation could once be found in袋装。Pantiles was the place to be back in the day with Sir Elton John and Fleetwood Mac even known to have graced the stage there. Students atCollingwood College,,,,or neighbouring secondary schools in the late 1990s/early 2000s, made this place their go-to home for the evening when they turned 18.




在关闭之前,店主鲍勃·阿彻(Bob Archernostalgic memoriesof great times enjoyed under the old beamed roof.

“In 1967 all three owners had contact and experience with the 1960s music revolution, which was predominantly live music, and the club featured many legendary names of the period — Bill Haley and his Comets, Fleetwood Mac, Georgie Fame, Elton John, John Mayall, Long John Baldry, Maynard Ferguson, Ronnie Scott — to name just a few.

“Then came the disco years of the late 70s and 80s, enduring into the current digital era.”

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